2016 – looking back on a great year

Another year has gone by and so far this was one of the very special ones because I finally had a dog. In November 2015 we adopted Bobby and this year clearly everything revolved around him. In a short period of time, Bobby became part of our family and always was more than just a dog. His pure presence changed my life for the better and he still makes me happy every entire day. No day goes by without him making me smile. Looking back at 2016 we definitely had lots of funny and special moments but as always there were also tricky and challenging moments in which Bobby’s bad health asked for extra attention. For instance the time that we:

    • found out that he is allergic to several mites which meant that we had to change lots of things in our house from the way we store flour to cleaning the house with a steam cleaner
    • Found out that he has a tumor (probably a good natured one)

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