Backpacking mit Hund in Schweden Teil 1

Packing our backpacks – Sweden here we come

After weeks of planning and purchasing all the stuff we needed our vacation could finally start. We decided to hike 80km on the Skåneleden Trail 3 which is a very nice hiking trail in Southern Sweden. I have never hiked in Sweden before but I got very enthusiastic after having seen some pictures on the internet. We had so much luck with the weather. The temperature was perfect for us as well as our dog Bobby and almost all rainfall happened during the nighttime. We drove from Heerlen (The Netherlands) to Sweden (Åstorp) by car without using the Ferry. To make the drive less exhausting we spend one day at my parents’ house in Germany which is a 7 hours drive away from Åstorp (our starting point of the trail). As always Bobby behaved very well in the car and we had a few play sessions and breaks on our way to Sweden. When driving to Sweden we crossed two very high bridges for which you have to pay quite a high amount of toll. But hey building such large bridges also did cost a lot of money 😉
We immediately felt a huge difference when crossing the border to Sweden. Compared to Germans, Dutch and Danish, Swedish people drive much calmer and friendlier. I really enjoyed driving in Sweden!

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