DIY Ohrreiniger

During my weekly check-up, I always inspect my dog’s ears. Do they look inflamed or dirty? Do they need to be cleaned or are they fine? I find it very important to not over-cleaning his ears – a mistake easily made. Just like dogs, we have ear wax and we too do not use harsh chemicals to clean them. As long as the ears are dry and do not smell funny you can simply remove the ear wax (gently!) with a cotton swab/balls. NEVER push the cotton ball or swab into the ear canal but just clean the area you can easily access with the swab. Otherwise, you may damage your dog’s ear very badly.

Due to my dog’s mites allergy, he often suffers from inflamed and itchy ears. Usually, I wash his ears with warm water and apple cider vinegar (fifty-fifty solution) but when he starts to shake his head and scratch his ears I know it is time to make a special ear wash oil which will get rid of the mites, the itchiness, and inflammation.
If you know how you can treat your dog’s itchy ears at home but keep an eye on them. Are the symptoms getting worse? Does your dog continually shake his head, scratches it? Some dogs damage blood vessels in their ears due to heavy head shaking. Go and see a doctor immediately. Ear infections that are treated not in the right way or too late can become a real health problem for your dog.

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