Wood Pallet Dog Bed

Renovating your house does not only result in useless construction waste but also gives you some great materials which can be reused to make awesome things – such as a dog bed! We had this huge pallet lying around in our garden and I really wanted to make a dog bed out of it for a long time now. This weekend I finally decided to it and together with a friend we made this cute dog bed. It turned out bigger than I thought (123cm long and 73 deep) but fits perfectly in our living room.

I didn’t really know how to build the bed but got some inspiration from pictures on the internet. If you have the right tools it really isn’t difficult to do. You just need some creativity and tools. We used the following materials:

  • wood pallet
  • screws (size depends on the thickness of the wood)
  • sander
  • decoupling saw ( you also hire this machine)
  • metal connecting brackets (again size and amount depends on the thickness of the wood)
  • hammer
  • nails
  • tapeline
  • old wood leftovers to disassemble the pallet
  • leftover laminate flooring
  • a pencil


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