Trying new things isn’t always as easy as it might seem to be – giving healthy oils to my dog

I hope you all have a good start into this week and are still trying to make that New Years’ Resolutions happen. This post is part of a bigger goal namely making/keeping my little doggy healthy. Since we knew Bobby he wasn’t in good shape: overweight, bad teeth, bad nails and due to a weakened immune system prone to several illnesses and parasites such as ticks. Getting a bunch of vaccinations, deworming and antibiotics didn’t improve his health situation either. I felt bad that Bobby got ill so often and I started to read more about the different ways I can support his immune system and general health. Currently, Bobby gets hypoallergenic dry kibble which I want to change in the next months. However, before I can make the transition from dry kibble to fresh homemade food I have to read more about it and plan it carefully. For now, however, I focus on the things that I can do and provide him with as much healthy stuff as possible. One thing I found very interesting, but also relatively easy to implement,  is giving additional oils to his general dogfood.
Everyone knows that fats (the good/healthy ones) are an essential component of our diet. As we humans, dogs need fats too because they provide them with energy and support the entire immune system including organs. Both, animal fats and plant oils support the body in different ways and I tried to get some understanding of how they work.

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