Sie hat es trotzdem getan! Kennt ihr diese Bemerkungen über hausgemachtes Hundefutter?

The moment I decided that I wanted to make dog food myself I started reading several books and articles. I also decided to get the opinion of my vet and his colleagues which to my great astonishment where skeptical and even discouraging. None of the three vets was glad that I wanted to change the diet of my dog and none of them said something positive about homemade dog food.

“Homemade dog food and BARF are unhealthy for dogs and in recent years we see lots of health deficiencies in dogs due to these trends”

I can imagine that dogs can get health deficiencies if the food is not complete and lacks certain nutrients. However, instead of discouraging people to make dog food themselves vets should support us so that the food will be of high quality. Something I find quite irritating though is when vets automatically question homemade dog food and see it as the cause of an illness or whatsoever. When my dog got dry kibble no vet would question my choice or say that I should improve his diet because his health will benefit from it. The moment I gave homemade dog food they get suspicious about the quality and believe that the food must be the cause for an illness.


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