Muddy boots and paws welcome

Last Sunday, I decided to have a lazy Sunday and simply enjoyed the grey, chilly slightly wet weather. Before we went outside I decided to make his doggy bed a little more cozy by adding some cushions and a soft grey mat (one of the first items I bought him). During the warmer months of the year he does not need cushions and warm fabrics but in the winter months, he likes to snuggle. He always gets a bit upset when I remove his mats to wash them just like today when I tried to make his bed even cozier. I think he appreciates it anyways haha.

After a slow start of the day, Bobby and I continued to have slow walks. If it’s up to Bobby he would sniff at every corner, under every leaf and follow every track. Therefore, I often intervene and bring him back on track. Otherwise, I would be never on time for anything. However, today I let him do his thing. I let him sniff and search as long as he wanted and just enjoyed the day. We had one of the best walks together and I was glad that I did bring my camera.

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