Hundefutter selber machen? Was du vorher wissen solltest!

Over a month ago I finally was able to make a huge dietary change for my dog. After reading lots of information and buying a super handy book from Dr. Karen Becker (currently out of order) and purchasing all the equipment I was ready to make my very own dog food at home. I was so excited and still am which is why I want to share some important tips you should take into consideration before making this a happy, healthy and long lasting food journey for you and your dog.

Nutritional Knowledge
First of all you will need some basic knowledge and guidance when trying to provide your dog with balanced food. Depending on your dog’s sex, age, health and lifestyle you now get the chance to optimize the food based on your dog’s needs. Since most of us are not able to provide our dog(s) with natural food sources you will want to add some healthy and very necessary food supplements which you are not able to provide him otherwise. I myself found the book “Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats. Simple homemade food” by Dr. Becker very helpful when preparing and making the food. Dr. Becker is a holistic veterinarian, animal acupuncturist and homeopath and her book gives lots of useful information on how to make healthy, natural dog food at home. However, I have to warn you, this book is not the regular recipe book you might expect. By using the book you get all the different elements the food should contain but it is up to you to puzzle all the building blocks together. It really is a good book but you have to put in some effort to understand and use it. Lots of people complain that the book is to complex but by providing the information in that way you are able to make the food your dog needs.

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