Holiday fun in south Germany

I was so excited to have some time off work and go on holiday with my boyfriend and dog Bobby. We drove to a little village in the south of Germany which was about 600km away from our house. During the week we hiked a lot, had a little dog emergency and even walked through a little snow “storm”.
For me, going on vacation with a dog is a completely different thing than without a dog. Before Bobby lived with us, I would pack my stuff and that’s it. Now however I have to pack Bobby’s stuff, too and think ahead what he might need in that one week. You never know what might happen. I don’t know how other dog persons deal with this entire “going-with-your-dog-on-vacation-thing” but I just take everything with me. Needless to say that Bobby has his own travel bag. Traveling by car gives you lots of freedom but it also discourage me to travel light. I just pack everything I or Bobby might need. Better be safe than sorry. You might think “why on earth does a dog need so much stuff?” and I have to admit I would think that too, wouldn’t it be for Bobby.

What is in Bobby’s travel bag?

hygenic food supplies
medicine op stap

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