Better be safe than sorry!

I always do my best to give Bobby that healthy, happy and warm life he deserves, however last week I realized that there can be situations in which I will not be able to be there for him and I felt completely unprepared. Due to our work we (mostly my boyfriend) have to travel regularly which means that we are away from home for a couple of days. Although I don’t mind being home alone I am very glad that I have Bobby who always wants to cuddle or go for a walk. The house certainly feels less empty and I am a bit less scared at night. Last week my boyfriend was away for a week and one evening I suddenly got quite ill. I felt so weak and sick that the only thing I wanted to do was to go to bed early. However it was only 18:00 and Bobby still had to go for a walk. Skipping the walk wasn’t an option and having a walk so early in the evening didn’t seem to be right either. So I lay on the couch waiting until it was 20:00 and then went for a walk. I was so scared that I would get sick during the walk but luckily it was already dark so nobody would have seen me anyway. The fresh air made me feel a bit better and I stopped behaving like a silly child. So what! I felt sick but I still wasn’t going to die and I still was responsible for this little fella. In the end I managed to walk a proper 30 minutes after which I went to bed with a clear conscience.

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