Backpacking mit Hund in Schweden – Teil 3

An unexpected Journey

After our little waterpomp problem the previous day at S Hultarp, we were happy to continue our hike the next day with enough water. Little did we know that this day would become the longest hiking day of all. The day started quite rainy so we decided to take a little shortcut which in the end would save us 5 kilometers. After having hiked an hour in the rain we came across an information board of the trail and wanted to check were we were. It took us a while to realize that we actually did walk the wrong way all a long. By making a shortcut we made a mistake at some point and walked the trail the way back which meant that we were hiking back to our sleeping place in S Hultarp…so stupid hahaha. Someone didn’t want us to make a shortcut so we got punished immediately. We had no other choice than walking back 4 kilometers to Hallaröd. Luckily the rain had stopped.

We hiked on the road for some time before we could continue in the trail in the forest. I get easily bored hiking on roads so I was glad to finally hike in a forest again. The forest however was rather dark and not so beautiful compared to the previous ones, but apparently you could find rare mushrooms (I didn’t). In the forest we met an Italian family (who did find the rare mushrooms). They were lost and didn’t know which way to go. We showed them the location on their map and explained to them how they should hike to reach their destination which meant – hiking back. They weren’t very eager to hike back (I knew how they felt) and in the end they decided not to listen to us. I don’t know why someone would wanna continue walk the wrong way but hey – it’s their decision. I really wonder what happened to them. I mean, there really was no other way they could have reached their destination… At least, meeting the Italians kept me mentally engaged which made it easier to hike through this boring forest.


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