Backpacking mit Hund in Schweden – Teil 2

In the first part of the Backpacking in Skåne series we arrived at Söderåsen National Park. The cafe we were looking forward to have dinner at was closed so we prepared our own (dried-food) meal. Wild camping is not allowed in Söderåsen National Park so we tried to find a place nearby to set up our tent. It was already 5 o’clock in the evening and we were pretty tired. We found a campsite nearby but it was closed and we weren’t in the mood of calling the reception so we decided to set up the tent nearby Söderåsen National Park.

Friendly Dog People and making Friends

Naturum – Röstånga

The next morning we woke up to a promising blue sky. Without having any access to the internet we just tried to speculate about the weather forecast and planned our day accordingly. I got really excited about the fact that we had access to a toilet and a sink which were part of the cafe nearby. I packed my toiletries and just wanted to go there when I saw that a forester came our way. I felt a bit embarrassed to have a conversation with him since I haven’t had a shower in days and didn’t had a chance yet to brush my teeth or my hair.


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