Mein Hund wird operiert und bekommt eine gesunde Pilzbrühe

– Friday, 21st of July –
On the one hand, I really was looking forward to that day…on the other hand, I hoped the day would never come. Bobby had two lumps, one of them was growing and thus had to be removed before it would get too big.

With a funny feeling in my stomach, we drove to the vet where Bobby got his last checkup before the narcosis. The blood test results that we received some days ago were all good so the operation could start. Bobby got an injection in his little bum which hurt quite a lot and I already felt so sorry for him. Hearing him weeping made me so sad…

It took some minutes before the narcosis started to work. Slowly he got dizzy and he could not keep his head up anymore. It looked as if he was dying…with his eyes open. Of course, I dropped some tears and then we had to go – the operation could start. We decided to stay nearby and do some grocery shopping..the time went by and I felt so nervous…what if….And then finally, I received a call from the vet – everything went fine. They were able to remove everything and we could pick him up in an hour. I was so so happy and relieved! Everything would be fine now!

When we arrived at the vet Bobby already was awake. I hoped to be with him whilst he would wake up but they wanted to wait and see whether he will have troubles waking up or not. He was laying on the ground on a sheet..looking so tiny and tired. When he heard and saw us he started wagging his tail and I was so happy to see him again. With much difficulty and support, he managed to stand up but didn’t have enough strength to find his balance. I helped him and he managed to walk some meters, not understanding why his left leg was so stiff. It broke my heart to see him that way so I picked him up, very very carefully to not hurt him and carried him to the car where he immediately fell asleep. Although I really enjoy caring for a dog (animals in general) it made me sad to see him so tired and weak. Luckily, he seemed not have any pain which was good. In the evening we already could go for a very short walk which took all his energy.


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